Pure Movements

Ulla Nolden

‘Pure Movements’ is a series of algorithmic animations
derived from an investigation of visual perception.

Pure Movement 1

Pure Movement 2

Pure Movement 3



Certain aspects of physical reality catch my attention.
Investigating this process is the focus of my work.

In this particular mode of perception, I see static elements
of my physical environment as a grid of lines, colours and
textures. The immediacy of this perception finds its
representation in an instantaneous photograph.

By contrast, I experience the visual perception of movement
as accumulative. Over time, observations of similar
movements are layered to form one complete percept.
As part of this process, the rules that govern the movement
are encoded in a cognitive layer of perception.

To represent my perception, I formalise the rules of
movement into computational instructions. I visualise the
movement as part of a virtual scene that closely represents
my observation of many fleeting instances of a type of
movement distilled into one.

I do not want to create an alternative reality. I want to
present my personal view of reality.