“Sublunary Echo” is an interactive audiovisual installation that uses bioluminescent phytoplankton(P. fusiformis) as a material. This piece makes a feedback loop between natural elements, humans and machines, alluding to the symbiotic relationship and cycle with a different type of energy. Spectators are invited to interact with living light particles and explore the sound of microorganism.

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Bioluminescence is ability of an organism to create light for finding food, attracting mates, and evading predators such as firefly, some fungi in land. It is common in the deep sea. Bacteria, jellyfish, starfish, clams, worms, crustaceans, squid, fish, and sharks are just some of the groups of marine animals that have bioluminescent members. Much of the bioluminescence in the sea comes from single-celled algae such as this tropical dinoflagellate, Pyrocystis fusiformis.

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The material I used is a microbial bioluminescent plankton which can produce light only in their night cycle when they are agitated. With using software and hardware, the very primitive nature element will be sonified and the shining living water will visualise human voice. During the process, feedback loop will be generated, the piece will be transformed into a multi-sensory space. Water is the origin of life, which can contain some spiritual or emotional inspiration to this work. But mostly, this work is focusing on having a conversation with organic creature and to see how they can interact with us and how devices can change them.

Keywords: Bioluminescence, Feedback loop, Microscopic, Cycle, Sonification, Transcoding