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Recently, artificial intelligence technology has been developing rapidly in the field of robotics. Some experts have been warning about a terrifying future for humanity with intelligent and evil machine creatures. At the same time, people who work with robots can develop empathy towards them. Some projects such as – Pepper the first humanoid robot with emotions – can actually empathize with humans and care about their emotions. This work was inspired by these developments.

Deep Sea Jellyfish is an experiment which represents a magical luminescent jellyfish in the deep sea, breathing, swimming and reacting to external stimulation. Using advanced electronic techniques combined with more traditional motors and pulleys, Deep Sea Jellyfish is brought to life flashing it’s glowing LED’s when a tentacle is touched.

This work represents how we as humans can feel empathy for an unfamiliar machine-creature through familiar gestures like breathing, touching and viewing an emotional response to stimuli in the form of dancing lights.