“Divided by Zero: Exception” is a paradox, an operation unable to be computed by machine. In mathematical terms, any number multiplied by zero results in zero. Therefore any number divided by zero represents an infinite number of possibilities generated by a single function. This diversity, this matrix of exceptions, is akin to our own varied and and singular perspectives as artists, synthesised as a cohesive whole. From AI to algae, gender to generative algorithms, biometrics, affective computing, and sonic arts, Except/0n aims to present to the world a spectrum of the possibilities of creative computation, which is richer for their diversity and interplay.

In society, machines are widely available and technology becomes more transparent day by day. As artists, incorporating technology and computation into our working practice allows us to communicate in a language which is shared across cultures. As music and art can be said to be ‘universal’ languages, so code can be understood as the common language of machines worldwide. Our creative approach to the use of technology, programming and machines allows us to communicate our vision and interact with others through society, technology, and across the vast space of human experience. Except/0n is the result of a year of intense study, equally focused on technical and critical aspects of computational arts.